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About Us

Beekeeping can be a deeply rewarding pastime, but it can be just as challenging.  From swarm management, hive feeding,  and choosing appropriate mite treatment/management strategies, many beekeepers struggle to achieve success without hands-on guidance.  Vine Street Farms doesn't want you to feel you have to go it alone.  We provide complete mentoring and beekeeping consulting services to beekeepers of all backgrounds in Denver, CO.  Whether you are new to the hobby or have multiple established hives, let us help you achieve your beekeeping goals.   

We also provide full-service beekeeping for local residents, businesses, and community organizations. 

Why Vine Street Farms?

Colin Mann has been keeping bees for nearly a decade in both urban and rural environments.  More recently he has been working with local beekeepers to help them succeed in the hobby by troubleshooting existing hive issues, providing honey extraction services, and managing hives in backyards and at businesses.  As an ecologist and Colorado Certified Gardener, Colin has an intrinsic understanding of the local ecosystem and the importance of honeybees. 

Vine Street Farms started in a small backyard garden on Vine Street in the Whittier neighborhood of Denver. It was there that Colin discovered a passion for building a more sustainable lifestyle by growing and maintaining a small backyard farm.  From humble beginnings of just a few pepper plants and a single beehive, Vine Street Farms has grown to include numerous raised beds, chickens, and multiple beehives throughout northeast Denver.  Colin created Vine Street Farms so that he could share his passion for sustainable living with others and help them become better stewards of their urban environment.

Colin now lives with his family, chickens, and (of course) bees, in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver. 

Beekeeping presentation

Beekeeping presentation