Full-Service Beekeeping

Full-Service Beekeeping



For those beekeepers who are looking for guidance throughout the year, Vine Street Farms can provide hands-on mentoring for the entire year of beekeeping.  This includes the "Getting Started in Beekeeping" service and monthly hive inspections where we will walk you through all aspects of your beekeeping experience.  This includes the monthly beekeeping email and individual summaries of your hive conditions after each inspection. 


Want to have bees at your restaurant, brewery, or community center but don't want to hassle with maintaining them?  Vine Street Farms will work with you to provide a unique solution to help you achieve your sustainability goals.  In addition to keeping bees at your location, we will work with you to provide other hive products - honey, pollen, beeswax, etc. all harvested from the hives at your location.  Prices and options will vary by location and number of hives.   

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